As Havana’s gastronomic offerings broaden in range and increase in quality, we are always on the look-out for new and trendy places to introduce our Havana tour participants to.

Le Marriage, more commonly known as The Cheese House, is fashioned on a love of cheese and wine and we think it does a pretty good job!

On the corner of San Ignacio and Amargura, you will find this modern, vogue establishment. Opening its doors in January 2014, Le Marriage can cater for up to 30 guests and the menu offers a good range of more than 15 types of cheese to choose from. Blue cheese sandwiches with honey sauce, mozzarella brochettes and tomato salsa, or a beautifully presented cheese board all tempt the constant flow of traveller taste buds.

What’s more, you can wash it all with a glass of wine from Chile, Spain and other popular wine growing nations.

We really enjoyed our time our time at Le Marriage and would recommend the cheese board to anyone looking for something a little different to eat while exploring Havana Vieja.

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