Havana is a city filled with culture and passion. Here are some important events taking place in Havana that we would like to highlight in October/November. As part of a tailor made Havana tour, the Havana Tour Company can include some of these events in your Havana tour itinerary. Remember that all of our Havana Tours are accompanied by a local Havana guide. Our guides are passionate about their city and dedicated to showing you the real Havana, away from the crowds.

“Japón, reino de personajes” exhibition: October 14 to November 20, 2014

Manga and anime exhibition hosted by Japan Foundation and Havana Historian Office that showcase in natural scale characters such as Ultraman, Kitty, Pikachu. Also videos, banners and Japanese subculture products made up this world traveling exposition located in Havana Hispano-American Culture Center which goal is to help to understand the historical and cultural preceding that support Japanese’s love to this kind of characters and the universe that surround them.

japan-manga anime exhibition

24th International Ballet Festival of Havana: October 28- November 7, 2014

International Ballet Festival of Havana, one of the oldest and most prestigious events of world dance, with more than 50 years of history.

This biannual Festival edition will be dedicated to William Shakespeare and will have as main sites the Havana Grand Theater, the Mella Theater, and the Karl Marx Theater.

The programming of this event will include, as unique moments, two galas dedicated to the birthday centennials of Igor Youskevitch, one of the great dancers of the 20th century who was partenaire, during several years, of Alicia Alonso; and to the poet and Cuban playwright Virgilio Piñera.

A group of important activities will take place along with the Festival, which this year will offer as an interesting option a special course of ballet technique for professionals, teachers and advanced level students. Also, relevant visual artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at important galleries of our country. Conferences, book presentations, film and video cycles of most interest for the public will be held.

Havana International Ballet Festival

It’s important to highlight as part of this event the performance of Swan Lake by Cuban National Ballet in the Karl Marx Theatre on November 4, 6, 7. 5:00 pm

95 Anniversary of the Founding of Havana city: November 16

From the Palaceof the General Captainsto “El Templete”,a small neo classical building constructed in the early 19th century to commemoratethe first Mass and council held in the town of San Cristóbal de La Habana, the traditional ceremony will begin this day, the eve of the founding date, where the City Historian will pronounce, as usual, words dedicated to Havana.That day hundreds of “habaneros” come to “El Templete” to honor one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the city: walking three times around the ceiba tree that is planted at the entrance asking the patron saint fulfill three wishes.

naif-art-festival havana 2014

Marabana 2014: November 16

The 28th edition of Marabana marked a record of foreign participation with 427 runners, confirmed Carlos Gattorno, director of the project.
Designed to celebrate the 495 anniversary of San Cristobal de La Habana and the Physical Culture and Sport Day, the Havana’s marathon will involve among its contestant 156 U.S. runners fearless of being punished by the government of their country.  They will be able to run here thanks to a special sport license for amateur granted by the Department of Treasury of the United States to Insight Cuba , a company that promotes the people to people exchanges and allows U.S. citizens to visit Cuba.

naif-art-festival havana 2014

Naif Art Festival: November 1 – 29, 2014

naif-art-festival havana 2014

Imagination, tradition, sensitivity define Naif art in a popular sense. The event brings together all representative artists of this art current in the country and also extends to open workshops, community projects and interaction with young people and children.This year edition will have a competitive sense.

“Olvídate de todo y pinta”. Plastic Art Exhibition. October to November 15. Asia House.


Havana is painted in watercolor and ink by César Towie using a traditional Buddhist technique known as kakemono. This beautiful art pieces are inspired in Havana’s architecture as meditation object.

Scrabble in French competition: November 4, 2014

Víctor Hugo’s house in Old Havana will host the competition, this historical place is located in O´Reilly No. 311 between Habana and Aguiar.

JoJazz: November 19- 22, 2014

Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Jazz Plaza.

Baila en Cuba: November 24-28, 2014

Dance in Cuba wants to transit all Cuban rhythms that are part of our identity. This time the event devotes to Cuban Country Music Dances. Cuban country music was created by mixing our Spanish roots (from Canary Islands people living in Cuba) with our Country music. In the case of changüí, another well-known genre in our island and quite celebrated in the province of Guantánamo, where Cuban bands such as Elio Revé y su Charangón have kept it very much alive in its repertoire. It constitutes a form within the Cuban Son.

This world meeting of casino and salsa dancers and dance academies includes dance lessons, guest speeches, short courses and choreography workshops.


Baila in Cuba Salsa Event in Havana


Havana’s Chamber Orchestra and Contraste duo in concert: November 8, 2014. Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, 6:00 pm.

The prestigious agroupation and Contraste duo, under Daiana García’s direction will interpret pieces from important Cuban composers such as Leo Brouwe, Eduardo Martín, José Víctor Gavilondo and Aldo López Gavilán.

Qva Libre concert Café Cantante del Teatro Nacional: Every Wednesday 5:00pm

This wildly energetic and committed 10-piece band deservedly swept the boards, winning TV and music business prizes galore, not to mention recording offers from both on and off the island. They also built up such a following that they now regularly fill the favoured Saturday night spots at some of the most popular fusion venues in town. What they have come up with is definitely something new and very fresh, and performed in an irrepressibly funny and exciting way, with 100% high octane energy.

Qva Libre Poster 2

José Luis Cortés y NG La Banda.

NG La Banda y jose luis cortés el tosco

Every Wednesday in Casa de la Música Habana 11:00pm

Every Thursday 11:00 pm. Havana’s Music house

Every Friday Casa de la Música Miramar 11:00 pm

NG La Banda is a Cuban musical group founded by flutist José Luis “El Tosco” Cortés. NG stands for nueva generación (‘next generation’). NG La Banda are the creators of timba (a term coined by Cortés), the most important popular dance and music genre of the past two decades. NG La Banda became known as the music of the people, emanating from the barrios and the poorest parts of Havana, yet many intellectuals deemed it too dirty and vulgar to be a valid art form. Cortes became known as “El Tosco” or “Rude Boy” because of his sexual lyrics and unabashed stage and street presence. As a result of NG La Banda’s success, many more timba bands sprung up throughout the 1990s. “The intellectuals say that timba is crap,” Cortés says.”But this is a racist concept. Cuban popular music has always been the music of the people, of the poor barrios, where there are very few whites. This is the music that comes from below, that makes people want to dance. But just because people dance to it doesn’t mean it’s not as serious as any other serious music. Timba is not your father’s, or your grandfather’s, Cuban music; not the sweet traditional sounds of the international hit Buena Vista Social Club. Timba is the sound of Cuba now, a rhythmically dense, relentlessly energetic music played by highly skilled musicians for a demanding dance-floor audience, with lyrics that draw from and become part of the language of the streets.

Paulito FG and his salsa group. Every Friday in Havana’s Music House at 11:00 pm.

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