Rum and Revolution: The Old Havana Attractions You Will Never Forget

Many modern cities can be confusing, and even infuriating. Imagine poor visitors coming to a huge city, trying to navigate their way around without knowing where the city even starts and stops. And it’s how much for a coffee here? … Read More

Havana Comes out to Play: 10 of the Best Places for Nightlife in Cuba

Like many people, you might have scheduled your Cuban getaway to escape from the colder months of your home country. If you’re not used to the heat of Cuba, you might have found the heat of the sun to be … Read More

4 Magnificent Museums in Havana: Get to Know Your New Favourite City

When was the last time you visited a museum in your home town? Unless you happen to live somewhere that is host to one of the greatest museums on earth, the answer probably is… not for a while. Museums are … Read More

Tasty Cuba: 11 Cuban Food And Drink In Pictures

If you ever have a chance to visit Cuba (and hopefully travel with us) do not hesitate to try as many traditional Cuban meals offered by the Cuban cuisine as possible. Enjoy! Do you like these pictures? Leave us a … Read More

Welcome to Heaven(Na): Havana Travel Tips You Need to Know

Walking the streets of the Cuban capital is nothing short of a revelation. There’s so much life here, and you might find it difficult to contain your joy as a lovingly maintained 1950’s car chugs past. Sweet aromatic cigar smoke … Read More

Plaza de Armas Havana: A City is Born

Just how a large city grew from a small village to its current hectic self can often be difficult to imagine for a first-time visitor. Berlin has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times that the contemporary city can be … Read More

8 Stunning Photos Of Havana, Cuba

Havana is one of the most iconic and romanticised cities in the world and we collected a few amazing photos to prove that. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Tour Havana with us and visit the … Read More

Havana Cuba Attractions That Everyone Needs To See

When travelling this amazing world of ours, there are certain things you really need to see when you arrive in a new city. There are also other attractions that can be interesting, although you should only really bother if it’s … Read More

6 Truly Awesome Things To Do In Viñales

Cuba used to have a bit of a reputation as a forbidden destination – somewhere that was shrouded in secrecy and difficult to get to. While the island nation’s turbulent relationship with the United States certainly placed some restrictions on … Read More

Internet in Cuba – Where and How do I Access it?

How do I get on the internet in Cuba? This is a common questions asked by many travelers to Cuba, used to the world of Wi-fi and high-speed broadband. But access to the internet in Cuba is actually a controversial … Read More

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