Havana Markets

Shop ‘Til You Drop in Such a Lovely Spot: Havana Markets You Need to Know About

There’s so much more to shopping in Cuba than wondering how much rum and cigars you can sneak back into your home country. Seriously though, please check the regulations with your home country, as you don’t want those sensational brown … Read More

Havana on bike

On Two Wheels in Paradise: Seeing Havana on Bike

When you’re working out how to get around in Havana, you’re probably going to be tempted to take one of those glorious old taxis (and you should – those things are awesome). But what about seeing the sights on two … Read More

houses of cuba

Decaying Beauties: Exploring the Grand Houses of Havana

Much has been said about the architecture of Havana. In the heavily frequented areas of Old Havana, the ancient buildings (many of them dating back centuries) have been lovingly maintained, allowing their cultural and historical significance to be preserved. In … Read More

How to Fly to Cuba from USA: Can It Be Done so Easily?

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Cuba’s Captivating Capital: 6 Sensational Facts About Havana

Havana is a city so full of life. There’s a brightness here, which is partially due to the fact that the city is bathed in magnificent sunshine for most of the time. But the brightness is also due to other … Read More

A 20 Km Stretch of Heaven: The Best of the Best Attractions in Varadero

Sometimes you see a beach that’s so beautiful it almost seems like it’s a cliché. Azure coloured oceans gently lapping against white sands under achingly beautiful blue skies – it’s like the beach was designed to model for postcards. To … Read More

Beauty, History, and Poor City Planning: Havana Attractions

Foreign visitors to Europe are often fascinated by the concept of the “old town.” While Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans might have their own cities that are hundreds of years old, as well as indigenous cultures that date … Read More

What to See in Havana: The Best of the Cuban Capital

Will it be your first time in Havana? When you visit Cuba, it’s likely that you’ll spend at least some time in the Cuban capital, since the city’s José Martí International Airport hosts the vast majority of flights in and … Read More

Cayo Levisa Cuba: A Secluded Natural Paradise

It’s not as though Cuba has a shortage of beautiful islands that contain resorts. These places are certainly luxurious, and offer a chance to laze by the beach while being brought a succession of cocktails and snacks. It’s not exactly … Read More

A Taste of Cuba: Cuban Cocktails to Make at Home

Perhaps you’re planning your first trip to Cuba, or you’ve just returned from a trip there and are already planning to go back. One of the best ways to get a figurative taste of Cuba is to have a literal … Read More