Is Cuba Safe for Tourists? The Facts of the Matter

When you’re in a foreign country you want to do your best to not look like a tourist. While you might not be able to look like a true local, you want to at least look like you know where … Read More


A Guide to Vibrant Vedado Havana

When exploring a new city, do you walk purposefully from location to location, dutifully checking things off on a list as you see them (and almost certainly take a photo)? Or do you just wander aimlessly, soaking up the atmosphere … Read More


More Than Mojitos: Exploring the Big Brands and Boutique Beers in Cuba

Sampling the local beers is one of the (many) fun things about taking a holiday. What is considered to be a fancy imported beer in your country (and is priced accordingly) is just the local stuff when on holiday. In … Read More


Cuba Transportation: A Guide to Long Distance Bus Travel on the Island

The extended bus ride has gone the way of the dinosaur in many parts of the world but it still holds the crown in Cuba transportation. A long distance bus ride is not really necessary in many parts of the … Read More


A Day Trip Through Paradise: Havana to Varadero

Your senses can be overwhelmed when you visit a truly exotic city. Everything is so beautifully, wonderfully different. You feel like you could spend the rest of your days here and still not see everything. Having said that, it can … Read More

Havana for kids

Too Young for Cigars and Cocktails: The Best of Havana for Kids

What comes to mind when you think of a holiday in Havana? Smoking a massive cigar, sipping some utterly delicious (and rather potent) cocktails before salsa dancing until the sun comes up? These stereotypes can certainly be indulged in when … Read More

Havana Markets

Shop ‘Til You Drop in Such a Lovely Spot: Havana Markets You Need to Know About

There’s so much more to shopping in Cuba than wondering how much rum and cigars you can sneak back into your home country. Seriously though, please check the regulations with your home country, as you don’t want those sensational brown … Read More

Havana on bike

On Two Wheels in Paradise: Seeing Havana on Bike

When you’re working out how to get around in Havana, you’re probably going to be tempted to take one of those glorious old taxis (and you should – those things are awesome). But what about seeing the sights on two … Read More

houses of cuba

Decaying Beauties: Exploring the Grand Houses of Havana

Much has been said about the architecture of Havana. In the heavily frequented areas of Old Havana, the ancient buildings (many of them dating back centuries) have been lovingly maintained, allowing their cultural and historical significance to be preserved. In … Read More

How to Fly to Cuba from USA: Can It Be Done so Easily?

The world can change so very quickly. Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner; Zayn left One Direction; and we all thought that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner would be together forever. Of course, there are some things that can quickly change … Read More

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