10 spanish phrases you should know

10 Spanish Phrases You Should Know While You are in Cuba

The language barrier can be both enjoyable and frustrating when you travel to a different country. It can be particularly difficult when you travel to Asia or the Middle East – filled with exotic lands that use an entirely different … Read More

5 of the best views of Havana, Cuba

5 of the Best Views of Havana, Cuba

When you travel to a new city, you are going to end up taking a whole bunch of photos. Looking at someone else’s holiday photos used to be considered to be a chore, but now you just end up posting … Read More

morro castle cuba

The Dark and Fascinating History of the Morro Castle Cuba

Most contemporary buildings won’t stand the test of time. Think of the apartments and office buildings in your town. Do you think people will be coming from all over the world to see them in a few hundred years? Most … Read More

casa particular

The Beauty of the Casa Particular: The Only Accommodation You’ll Need in Cuba

Where do you like to stay when you take a vacation? Maybe it’s not a proper vacation for you unless you’re staying in a luxury hotel with 24 hour room service and designer bedsheets with an astronomically high thread count. … Read More

how much money to bring to cuba

The Cost of Paradise: How Much Money to Bring to Cuba

The question of how much money to bring to Cuba is a complicated one. There are two schools of thought on this matter. There are those who like to wander off the beaten path and have a near phobia of … Read More

planning a trip to cuba

Are You Planning a Trip to Cuba? Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s nice when neighbours are able to be friendly to each other. This was not the case with the US and Cuba until quite recently. OK, so it might be a bit much to call them friends, but they are … Read More

casa particular

5 Reasons to Stay in a Casa Particular

It’s exciting to plan your Cuban holiday and look at all those exotic photos on the internet (which are different to other types of exotic photos that some people look at on the internet). You have no doubt been tempted … Read More

is havana safe

Is Havana Safe for Tourists? Here’s What You Need to Know

All cities have to deal with crime, although it’s obviously much worse in some places. The city with the highest crime rate in the world is in fact San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras. With no disrespect … Read More

traditions in cuba

A Truly Unique Culture: Traditions in Cuba

There are some wonderful, beautiful, and just plain weird cultural traditions around the world. These traditions don’t quite define a culture, but when you hear about them you probably think, “Yeah… that sounds right.” Australians love the beach so much … Read More

reasons to visit havana

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Havana This Year

Havana, and indeed all of Cuba, is on the edge of a major change. If you haven’t been reading the papers (or looking online, because so few people actually read the papers anymore), the US and Cuba have resumed formal … Read More