Salsa Classes in Havana

Salsa Dance Class on Havana Roof-top 1 and 2 hour options Flexibility with Group Size and Start Time

Our Havana Salsa Classes

Head to any bar, attend any public event, or just stroll through Cuba’s streets, and its impossible to ignore the importance music and dance has in the country’s culture and traditions. The people of Cuba simply love to dance, and adore showing off their moves among their friends, which can be a little unnerving for the shyer among us. One or more salsa classes in Havana Cuba could change all that however. Available for anyone of any skill level, we offer one- and two-hour salsa sessions with flexible start times, which take place on a rooftop in Old Havana that looks over some of the most historic parts of this 500-year-old city.

About our Salsa Classes

Whether you secretly consider yourself a bit of an expert, or whether you’re struggling to recall exactly what salsa is, there can be no better place to head for salsa classes than Havana Cuba. What’s more, our salsa lesson doesn’t take place in a dark gymnasium or hall, but on a rooftop in Old Havana offering spectacular views amid half a millennium of Spanish and revolutionary history. You’ll receive tuition from a private dance instructor, and can opt for a one- or two-hour session dependent on what other activities you might have planned. Our salsa classes in Havana Cuba are also flexible when it comes to start time, meaning you won’t have to choose a salsa lesson over another activity or excursion, but instead do both!


Our Havana Salsa Classes can start at a time that is convenient to you. They take place on a roof-top of a Casa Particular in Old Havana


There are one hour and two hour options.

Combine Activities

It is possible to combine a salsa dance class with a cooking lesson, mojito making lesson or classic convertible car tour


Services of a private English-speaking dance teacher + Water


Roof-top in Old Havana


We are happy to accommodate singles, couples and groups.


Our Havana Salsa Dance Classes are available daily


International flights - all lunches and dinners (unless specified) - travel insurance - accommodation - visa & passport costs - drinks (unless specified) - tips - optional activities - airport taxes.

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Our Salsa Classes Highlights

Our salsa classes in Havana Cuba are certainly enough time to learn the basics of what salsa is all about, or brush-up on your technique is you’ve hit the salsa bars in Havana or elsewhere before. Here are the highlights you can enjoy if you choose to attend one of our salsa lessons.

⭐ Unearth another aspect of Cuban personality and culture by trying your hand at salsa in the privacy of a salsa lesson rather than the public space of a bar or nightclub.

⭐ Receive a warm welcome whether you are a total beginner to dancing generally, or something of a pro looking to experience salsa in its original homeland.

⭐ Learn from the guidance of a personal local dance instructor, who will demonstrate all the basic steps of salsa and help build your confidence in the process.

⭐ Choose between salsa classes in Havana Cuba lasting either one or two hours, depending on how much time and energy you have to spare.

⭐ Experience a salsa lesson like no other, at a Casa Particular rooftop location in Old Havana overlooking the most historic area of the Cuban capital.

Our Salsa Classes in Havana Itinerary

Head to our very special rooftop location in Old Havana for a dance lesson like no other. This setting above the UNESCO-listed historic heart of this ancient city is, however, merely the backdrop to what should be an exciting, entertaining, and perhaps intense session of one of Cuba’s most popular dances. A private dance instructor will show you the basic steps to making salsa a success should you be a complete novice, or guide you into how to enjoy your salsa dancing even more if you’ve taken instruction before. Our salsa classes in Havana Cuba are entirely flexible when it comes to timing, giving you the opportunity to experience all the fun of salsa at a time convenient to you. This flexibility means there’s no need to say ‘its either salsa or….’. Instead, its perfectly possible to do both, to get the absolute maximum out of your time in the Cuban capital. What’s more, you have the option of choosing between a salsa lesson that lasts an hour, or one that lasts for two hours, but with time passing so quickly when you’re in the zone, we’d definitely recommend opting for the longer two-hour session to avoid disappointment!

Our tours are committed to
Supporting the Cuban People through:

  • Having the services of a full time local Cuban guide who you will spend time getting to know on a personal level.
  • Exposing you to the local Cuban people and steering funds toward its citizens. 
  • Allowing you to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, having a chance to hear their stories, and share your own. 
  • Eat at a Paladares (privately run restaurants) where meals are included.
  • Focusing on people-to-people interaction and cultural immersion.
  • Patronizing privately owned small businesses in Havana.
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